Flexway Conveyor

Flexway Conveyor System consists of two basic variants:

Flexway chain Conveyor Standard – the sliding base variant
This is at the core of a sliding element. Depending on the configuration, a lane length of approximately 50 meters can be reached.

Flexway Extreme – the roundsteelrolling variant

Flexway plate roundsteel chain conveyor is based on a pattend roundsteel chain supported by low-friction rollers. Thanks to low rolling resistance, very long conveying distances can be achieved without troublesome transfers and using only a few drives. The 3D layout capability allows continuous material flow over several levels. The system is designed so it scales easily. A line can thus be modified and extended with very little effort. In this way, all processes taking place in a conveyor can be linked together. The virtually maintenance-free design guarantees a long service life with low running costs and high efficiency.

Allows long conveying distances of up to 300 metres with only one drive
also suited to large unit goods payloads of up to 100 kilograms per metre
enables very high conveying speeds of up to 1.5 metres per second unique pattend flexible central drive roundsteel chain with bearings.

Each slat overlaps the other creating a ‘closed’ belt, which moves on specially designed slide profiles that ensure the belt and transported load remains stable across the full width of the belt and over the entire course of the conveyor, whether at low, medium or high (ceilling) level.

The belt comes in a width range 300-600mm.

Technical data:

Roundsteel chain carbonated 1 mm deep.
Carbonized parts are characterized by a high wear resistance and a high fatigue resistance.

Hardness 60-62 Rc.
Breaking load 4500 kg. 45,000 Newton
Weight chain 3.8 kg / per meter assembled
Product weight 200 kg

Speed: 70 m / min /
Temperature: 0 -60 degrees Celsius.
Different types of sprockets: 7.0 / 7.2 / 8.0 standard hole diameter around 50mm
Hardness 62 Rc.