Flexway is a technical company with 25 years of experience in the field of intralogistic conveyor components, we have specialized ourselves in developing modular chain belt conveyors, All our Flexway products are being developed with the “modular thought “.

Flexway believe in delivering precision in our products and services, there’s simply no compromising in the quality of our products and services. We make it our business to understand your needs and requirements. This is to ensure that our continuous R&D effort for technological breakthrough enables your business to maintain its competitive advantage while delivering more value to your customers flexibility in fulfilling infinite potential.

Flexway Conveyor System consists of three basic variants:

Flexway standard – the sliding basic variant with easy click flights This has a sliding element as core. Depending on the configuration, a runway length of approximately 50 meters can be achieved with one motordrive.

Flexway Extreme – The chain conveyor is based on a pattend roundsteel chain supported by low-friction rollers. Thanks to low rolling resistance, very long conveying distances can be achieved without troublesome transfers and using only one drive.

The 3D layout capability allows continuous material flow over several levels. The system is designed so it scales easily. A line can thus be modified and extended with very little effort. In this way, all processes taking place in a conveyor can be linked together.

The virtually maintenance-free design guarantees a long service life with

low running costs and high efficiency.

Allows long conveying distances of up to 100 metres with only one drive
also suited to large unit goods payloads of up to 100 kilograms
enables very high conveying speeds of up to 1.5 metres per second unique pattend flexible central drive roundsteel chain with bearings.

Each slat overlaps the other creating a ‘closed’ belt, which moves on specially designed slide profiles that ensure the belt and transported load remains stable across the full width of the belt and over the entire course of the conveyor, whether at low, medium or high (ceilling) level.

The belt comes in a width range 300-600mm.ith a roundsteel chain and mounted plastic wheels. This makes very long and more complex routes possible.

Other benefits are; a higher speed, greater load capacity and a lower noise level.

Flexway spiral – for vertical transport for the special application in vertical transport, a sheet path is used in spiral conveyors. This variant is also equipped with bearing transport elements.

Flexway is looking for quality technical partners to expand our conveyor sollutions.

The quality of our products is the basis of your success. Flexway provides a first-class selection of complete chain conveyor systems and equipment options for package handling and food industries. Therefore, you can assure your customer.

Advanced Intralogistics Solutions 

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